Canister Tissue Paper Packaging Machine

Created on:2022-05-15

In order to carry and use facial tissues conveniently, facial tissues are packed with paper or plastic canisters. Our machine TC-80Y canister tissue paper packaging machine is designed to automate the entire process of packaging tissue paper into canisters.


The machine feeds tissue canisters to the packing station automatically after receiving canisters from canister making machines or a collating conveyor of canisters. If there is no tissues, the machine pauses to feed canisters. Besides feeding the canisters, the machine is also able to feed tissue paper automatically.

When feeding facial tissue, the machine pulls the top paper of tissue stacks and moves a little automatically. It is easier for consumers to pull out a single sheet at a time. This reduces wastage and ensures that the product remains user-friendly.


This canister tissue packing machine uses high-quality electrical components like Schneider PLC, HMI, servo motors, inverters, relays, breakers, and Sick sensor to make the machine reliable and durable.


For customers who require even more automation, the TC-80Y can be equipped with an optional automatic capping device to feed and put lids on canisters. Other optional parts like canisters turning devices can make this canister tissue packing machine work with other machines as a production line.