Box Facial Tissue Paper Production Line

The turnkey solution for box facial tissue. Produce and package facial tissue automatically and consists of processes of folding, cutting, box packing, shrink packing facial tissue boxes, taping handles, cartoning and palletizing.
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The automatic box facial tissue paper production line can produce facial tissue paper, put facial tissue paper into boxes, shrink pack tissue boxes, tape handles on boxes, place boxes into cartons and stack cartons on pallets automatically.

The box tissue paper production line consists of a tissue paper folding machine, a tissue paper cutting machine, a box tissue packing machine, a shrink packing machine, a handle taping machine, a case packer, a palletizer and conveyors. 
The production and packing speed are from 60 pcs/min to 120 pcs/min.


Continuous tissue folding machine: rewind jumbo roll, fold and stack tissue paper; parent roll length: 1500 mm
Tissue paper cutting machine: 60 to 150 cuts/min
Tissue box packing machine:  pack tissue into boxes and seal boxes, 30 to 100 boxes/min
Tissue box shrink packing machine: shrink pack a group of tissue boxes with POF film
Hanlde taping machine: tape hanldes on tissue box packs, 5 to 50 packs/min
Case packer and palletizer: grab and place tissue boxes into cartons and place cartons onto a pallet; packing capacity: 5 to 15 cartons/min
The production and packing line can be customized according to requests.



Box Facial Tissue Paper Producing Flow

Fold tissue paper -> Cut tissue paper -> Stuff boxes with tissue paper -> Seal boxes -> Stack boxes -> Shrink pack boxes -> Tape hanldes on boxes -> Place boxes into cartons -> Seal cartons -> Stack cartons on pallets


Layout of the Box Facial Tissue Paper Production Line


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