Blister Card Packaging Machine

Created on:2022-03-26

Blister card packaging has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its many advantages over other packaging methods. Blister card packaging consists of a blister and a paper card, the product inside blisters can be seen clearly. This allows customers to see the product before purchasing.


The blister packaging perfectly conforms to the shape of the product, ensuring that the product is securely held and remains in place during transportation.

Blister card packaging is designed to protect the product inside from damage during transportation, handling, and storage.

The paper card of the packaging can be printed with product information, such as usage instructions, warnings, and ingredients.

The blister card packaging can be made of full paper cards, the blister is made of paper cards, which eliminates the use of plastic entirely.

Most paper blister packaging come with euro hole, which allows them to be displayed conveniently on store shelves.


Automatic blister card packaging machine uses durable machine frame and reliable electrical components to ensure the machine runs stably and steadily.

The blister card packing machine do several processes automatically on same machine such as form blisters, move blisters, place paper cards, seal blisters with paper cards, move finished blister packages. The machine reduces the need for manual labor, thereby reducing labor costs.


Blister card packaging machine can do up to 1200 cycles per hour, a fast and efficient option for mass production. It is compatible with automatic loading equipment, such as robots, auto feeding devices.

The machine can be connected to a production line, eliminating the need for multiple packaging steps and saving time and labor costs.