Blister Packaging for Stationery Items

Created on:2023-04-10

Blister packaging is an effective way to package stationery products such as pens, pencils, erasers, staplers, correction tape, and rulers. Here are some of the advantages of using blister packaging for stationery items.


Blister packaging provides excellent protection to stationery products by enclosing the product in a clear plastic shell. This protects the product from damage, dirt, and moisture, ensuring that it remains in perfect condition until it is opened by the consumer.


The clear plastic shell also allows consumers to see the product before they make a purchase. This is especially important for stationery products that come in different colors or designs. It makes it easy for the consumer to pick a product that meets their needs.


Blister packaging also extends the shelf-life of stationery products by providing a barrier to air and moisture. This helps prevent the product from becoming dry or brittle, making it more durable and long-lasting.


Blister packaging also provides an opportunity to incorporate branding and product information onto the packaging. This helps to promote the product and establish brand recognition with customers.


Our blister packing machines especially model BA-350 and BA-600 are suitable to pack stationery items. BA-350 is flexible and for small batches, BA-600 has high packing capacity for large runs. Also, we can do customized feeder according to different products to make the machine more automated to save labor costs.