Tissue Cardboard Box Packaging and Tissue Box Packing Machine

Created on:2023-04-21

Packaging tissues in cardboard boxes is a common method of ensuring their safety and convenience. The cardboard boxes protect the tissues from external elements like moisture, dust, and dirt, keeping them in pristine condition until use.

Cardboard boxes are designed with a dispensing mechanism that ensures easy dispensing of one tissue at a time, preventing wastage.

The rectangular shape of the cardboard boxes makes them easy to stack, store and transport, maximizing storage space.

Cardboard boxes can be customized to complement the design of the tissue brand, creating an aesthetically pleasing product presentation that appeals to customers.

Tissues packed in cardboard boxes are hygienic, as the box protects the tissues from contamination before use.

Carton boxes are an affordable option for packaging tissues, allowing manufacturers to produce their products at a lower price point and remain competitive in the market.

Paper boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable, making them an ideal choice for companies that promote sustainable practices.

Packaging tissues in cardboard boxes provides a convenient, safe and hygienic option for consumers, while offering businesses an affordable and sustainable packaging solution.

Our tissue box packing machines are designed to use cardboard boxes to pack facial tissue or napkin. The machine can feed carboard boxes and tissues, open boxes, put tissues into boxes, dispense adhesive, seal carton boxes and output sealed tissue boxes automatically. We also supply full production line for facial tissue and napkins.