Automatic Feeders for Blister Card Packing Machine

Created on:2023-07-03


Optional feeders we made can work with blister card packing machines to feed items into blisters automatically. These feeders feed items with different colors, different materials and different shapes. So that all processes are performed by machines, it increases the production efficiency and stability.

The blister card packaging machine adapted to the automatic feeder can make the production process more automated, saving labor costs and time costs. Less human intervention can greatly reduce the work of the operator and make production more efficient. Automatic equipment setting can reduce the difficulty of operation for employees and reduce the impact of human operation on the product.

The automatic feeder of the packaging machine can improve the production efficiency and production quality. Because the automatic feeder can quickly and accurately feed the required items, its processing speed and accuracy are usually higher than manual operation.

The automatic feeder can also make the production process more hygienic and reliable. Thanks to its precision, real-time and hygienic impact on the process, it can actually reduce many human manipulations with contamination and other forms of error.

On the blister card packing machine, automatic feeders detect positions of items and blisters, take items to blister card machines and place items into blisters. The blister card packing machines check positions of items in the blister packages when outputting finished blister packages.

Automatic feeders can be equipped on multiple working stations of the blister card packing machines.

Equipping automatic feeder on packaging machines can bring many benefits to the manufacturer, including automation, efficiency, precision, high quality, hygiene and reliability. In this way, in the process of seeking to improve production efficiency and quality, suitable upgrades and the use of automation equipment are crucial.