BA-350P Automatic Paper Blister Packing Machine (Full Paper Blister)

Produce full paper blister packages consist of paper cardboard blister trays and backing paper cards. Form paper card blisters, fold flaps (optional), spray adhesive (optional), fill products(optional), and seal blisters to ready-made cards automatically.
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BA-350P automatic paper blister packing machine is designed to produce full paper blister packages.  The machine can form paper card blisters, fold flaps (optional), spray adhesive (optional), fill products(optional), and seal paper blisters to ready-made cards automatically. The blisters are made of paper cards and cardboards, not plastic. The blister packages consist of a cardboard blister tray and a backing paper card. They are environmentally friendly packages.





- Blisters and packages are made of paper cardboards.

- Driven by servo motors to ensure the machine runs accurately.

- Reliable electrical equipment like Schneider PLC, Schneider touch screen, Schneider servo drive, Schneider low voltage

components ensure the stability.

- Suitable for cardboard blister tray with flaps or without flaps.

- Paper blisters are formed accurately.

- Alarm when the forming material or cards run out. 

- Stainless steel machine shell.


Technical data



Max. forming area

350 x 130 mm

Max. Sealing area

350 x 180 mm

Packing capacity

6 - 10 cycles/min

Power voltage

380V 50/60Hz 3phase

Power consumption

6 kW

Air pressure

0.5-0.8 MPa

Air consumption

0.5 CBM/min

Forming material

White cardboard, 200 - 400 gsm

Machine shell material

Stainless steel

Machine dimension

L3080 x W2130 x H1895 mm

Overall Weight

1700 kgs




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