BA-600H Automatic Double Blister Packaging Machine with High Frequency Sealing

Adopts high frequency sealing which can make a better and stronger sealing for blister to cards especially for double blisters. Thermoform blisters, fill (optional) products, place cards or blisters, seal blisters to ready-made cards or blisters automatically.
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BA-600H high frequency double blister packaging machine can form blisters, fill (optional) products, place cards or blisters, seal blisters to ready-made cards or blisters automatically. This machine adopts high frequency sealing which can make a better and stronger sealing for blister to cards especially for double blisters.



- Cosmetics and beauty products: mascara, lipstick, lip balm, nail polish, make-up, …

- Household items: knife, flashlight, lighter, super glue, air freshener, bottle opener, scissors, toy, light bulb, candles, …

- Office supplies: pen, sharpener, correction tape and fluid, USB flash drive, stapler, adhesive tape, printer cartridge, ballpoint pen, eraser, binder clips, …

- Personal care products: razor, razor blade, cream, toothbrush, manicure sets, …

- Batteries: button cell battery, AAA type battery, AA type battery, C type battery, …

- Automobile parts: brake shoe, brake pad, spark plug, windshield wiper, …




- Adopts high frequency sealing to make a stronger sealed flange.

- Driven by servo motors to ensure the machine runs accurately.

- Reliable electrical equipment from famous international supplier like Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta, Panasonic, Schneider to ensure the stability.

- An alarm sounds when the forming material or cards run out.

- Stainless steel machine shell.

- Convenient to transport the whole machine due to detachable machine design.


Technical Data



Max. size of card

510 x 250mm

Max. forming area

480 x 220mm

Max. forming depth


Packing capacity

5-10 cycles/min

Power voltage

380V 50/60Hz 3phase

Power consumption

Max. 21 kW

Air pressure


Air consumption

≥0.5 CBM/min

Forming material

PVC, PET, PS, thickness 0.15-0.5mm

Forming material roll size

width 500mm x diameter 450mm

Machine shell material

Stainless steel

Overall dimensions

6100 x 2420 x 1850mm

Overall Weight



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