TW-160 Automatic Toilet Paper Wrapping Machine

Wrap toilet paper rolls and bathroom tissues with tissue paper. The steady packing capacity is up to 120 rolls per minute. Feed toilet paper rolls, cut tissue paper, fold tissue paper, tuck tissue paper into the toilet rolls and output toilet paper rolls automatically.
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TW-160 automatic toilet paper wrapping machine is designed to use tissue paper to wrap toilet paper rolls and bathroom tissue paper rolls. The packing capacity is up to 120 rolls per minute steadily. The machine can feed toilet paper rolls, cut tissue paper, fold tissue paper, tuck tissue paper into the toilet rolls and output toilet paper rolls automatically. 





- Compact structure and easy operation.
- Use 11 sets of servo motors.
- Feed tissue paper, cut tissue paper, feed toilet paper rolls, wrap paper rolls, clamp and tuck tissue paper and output paper rolls automatically.
- Controlled by Schneider motion controller and servo drivers.
- Reliable electrical equipment with famous international brands like Schneider, Sick.
- Easy and quick adjust for different toilet paper rolls.


Technical Data



Packing capacity

60-120 packs/min

Toilet paper roll size

90-130 (L) x 90-130 (D) mm

Max packaging paper size

480 (L) x 500 (D) mm

Packaging paper thickness

0.03-0.05 mm, 17-26 gsm

Air pressure


Air consumption

120-160 L/min


380V 50/60Hz 3phase

Power consumption

11.2 kW

Machine dimension

2720 (L) x 5060 (W) x 1820 (H) mm

Machine weight

3500 kg



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