TD-100S Automatic Bagging Machine

Bag filling sealing machine is designed to pack tissue, food, medicine, hardware, daily necessities, cosmetics, hygiene products and others into premade bags. It has compact structure and made of stainless steel.
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Automatic bagging machine is designed to pack product into premade bags. It has compact structure and made of stainless steel. The bagging machine can fill products into bags or pouch and seal bags automatically. Applies in sections of tissue, food, medicine, hardware, daily necessities, cosmetics, hygiene products and others.



- Feeding, bagging, pushing products into bags, sealing and output packages automatically.
- Controlled by servo motors and motion control system.
- Wide packing range, modular packing format, adjust easily when changing products.
- Multi-station bag feeding system
- Suitable for various types of pre-made bags such as flat bag, M bag, standing bag, four side sealing bag, etc.
- Split clamps hold and open pre-made bags to keep the bags position and ensure products can be fed into bags smoothly.



Technical Data



Packing capacity

15 - 40 bags/min

Packaging material

Premade bags

Size of pre-made bags

100 - 280 mm (length) x 100 - 200 mm (width) x 20 - 100 mm (height)

Power voltage

380V 50/60Hz

Max power consumption

7.62 kW

Air pressure


Machine shell material

Stainless steel

Machine dimensions

L3200 x W1300 x H1800mm, L2000 x W550 x H920mm

Machine weight

1500 kg

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