C-130 Automatic Cartoner

The cartoning machine is designed to pack products into cartons. This cartoner can feed products, place leaflet, feed cartons, tuck flaps or seal cartons automatically. It applies in section of pharmaceutical, foods, cosmetics, electronics and daily necessities, etc.
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The cartoning machine is designed to pack products into cartons. This cartoner can feed products, place leaflet, feed cartons, tuck flaps or seal cartons automatically. It applies in section of pharmaceutical, foods, cosmetics, electronics and daily necessities, etc.



- Compact machine and operate easily.
- Reliable electrical equipment like Siemens PLC and touch screen, SEW motor, Omron sensor, and SMC pneumatic equipment ensure the stability.
- Large cartons storage rack.
- Eject cartons without products or leaflets automatically. 
- Equip safety guide cover
- Aluminum machine shell.


Technical Data



Packing capacity

30 - 130 packs/min

Carton paper requirement

250 - 350 gsm

Carton size

70-200 (L) x 35-120 (W) x 15-90 (H) mm

Air pressure


Air consumption

120-160 L/min



Power consumption

1.5 kw

Machine dimension

3220 x 1210 x 1770 mm

Machine weight

1500 kg

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